Byxee: the First Smart Active Safety Device for Bicycles.

22 October 2016

PESARO, Italy, June 15, 2015/PRNewswire/ —

Byxee is a 2.3 oz (65gr) device that scans the road ahead to detect irregularities in the road surface and which alerts the cyclist beforehand. Byxee has a life-changing purpose: to make cyclists around the world ride safer.

Byxee is a crowdfunded project looking for supporters:

Every year, hundreds of expert cyclists and bicycle lovers have accidents caused by road hazards, by riding into the sun, tiredness, motorists looking at their phones, or by the thousands of other distractions that can occur in real time.

Byxee is a smart safety device that detects hazards on the road to alert the cyclist before they collide.

Its advanced video system checks the road up to 80 feet (25m) ahead. It detects road surface irregularities from about 3 inches (7cm) in size, such as potholes, gratings, bumps, patches, and other hazards. Unexpected moving obstacles can also be detected-for example, cats, balls, a pedestrian, a car door and so on.

Byxee alerts the cyclist beforehand: its unique acoustic signal will alert the rider before she encounters the hazard, so she can make proactive riding adjustments in real time to keep both the bike and herself away from danger.

Byxee is designed to be a reliable third eye for cyclists on the road. Byxee will never get tired, it will never become distracted. Its purpose is to scan the road ahead at all time.

Byxee is for any rider and for any bike handlebars. Byxee has 28 sensitivity settings for any speed and ride style.

Nowadays, many cars are equipped with active safety technologies that are considered the future of injury prevention. This technology is now available in an innovative lightweight device built by cyclists for cyclists who want to prevent accidents.

When cycling, it’s a matter of seconds for a good ride to turn bad. The bottom line is Byxee makes your ride safer when the seconds matter the most.

The Team

Byxee’s Team has vast experience and an excellent track record in the fields of artificial intelligence and detection algorithms. The Team is also responsible for the creation of semantic technologies and innovative smart technologies for a widely-known Italian sports car brand. Byxee is now looking for supporters all over the world to join them in their life-changing project. Help us make cyclists around the world ride safer.




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