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LIRSA: Lebanese International Road Safety Academy

About Us


Crashes are the worst negative outcome of any transportation system; and when the worst of any system becomes so common, it’s a serious sign of failure and/or defect. Negative outcomes of any system can’t be totally eliminated; but to LIRSA experts those related to road transportation can definitely be controlled. Looking forward for a safe road transportation system where fatalities are ZERO is not another dreamy CSR vision for CEOs, but rather it’s a human right after New Delhi Declaration 2000 and Montreal Declaration 2002, and to us it’s an everyday job.


Road crashes are not unexpected accidents anymore; they are undesired incidents that an expert- oriented approach can eliminate if succeeded in combining between Engineering, Education, Enforcement, and Emergency from one side, and Evidence-based policy from the other side.



LIRSA experts decided to redesign road safety in the MENA region according to the five pillars of the UN Decade for Action plan 2011-2020 and ISO 39001 guidelines.



Our experts offer quality road safety products and services. We particularly offer:



  • A fatality-free road users environment , a pedestrian friendly one;

  • A safe fleet to meet your efficient business targets;

  • A defensive driving skilled driver who knows how and is willing to share the road.




Experts at LIRSA can find the way to deal with all these matters when governments, local authorities and corporations show the will.





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